Growth Hormone Therapy

What is growth hormone therapy?

Growth hormone therapy is currently the only treatment option for children with short stature due to conditions associated with growth failure.27 It is injected into the subcutaneous tissue (the fatty layer under the skin) once daily, typically in the late evening before going to bed. This is to mimic the secretion pattern of natural growth hormone during sleep.14  

The synthetic form of the human growth hormone, called somatropin or recombinant growth hormone, is recommended for children with:15

Treatment Options

All current growth hormone therapy products contain somatropin as the active ingredient. The protein molecule of the manufactured growth hormone is identical to the natural human growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland.14

Different products come in different concentrations of somatotropin, storage requirements and preservative content. 14 Some products come in freeze-dried powder that has to be dissolved or reconstituted in a special fluid while others are available as a pre-mixed solution. New delivery systems using auto-injectors and needle-free devices are now available.

Parents and children may prefer one growth hormone therapy over another for convenience of preparation and storage, or ease of use of a particular device.31 Discuss your concerns and needs with your doctor so that the best treatment may be chosen for your child’s situation.

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